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Lorraine taking a photoLorraine Salem Tufts

Award Winning Wildlife and Sceneric Photographer and Author

Author/Wildlife Photographer, Lorraine Salem Tufts founded NPC in l987 with a desire to show the beauty and wonder of the Earth and its inhabitants through pictures.

Ms Tufts is uniquely talented with years of experience as a photographer and designer. She relies on her well-trained sense of aesthetics to aid her in composing photographs and directing design on book projects as well as other endeavors.

She is internationally recognized for her books and photographs. Large hardcover and softcover books on five U.S. National Parks were her sole passion for years, but currently she is also showing her photographs in Limited Editions and some Artist Proofs as well.

Ms Tufts also gives photography shows of her work for children, young adults and adult audiences. She greatly enjoys sharing stories of her many adventures while achieving the photograph of her dreams and also the disappointments when one got away.

“ Adventures in the unknown take you outside your realm of comfort forcing you to experience and learn with heightened awareness. It is a risk and a joy to learn and feel all I can about life and the Earth. I find the adventure an insight into myself. ”

~ Lorraine Salem Tufts

Ms Tufts is the recipient of many awards and distinctions. She has been recognized by National Geographic Books, Encyclopedia Britannica Books, The Smithsonian Books, Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Buffalo Bill Cody Museum, Museum of the Rockies, Museum of Northern Arizona, Yellowstone Association, Grand Canyon Association, Grand Teton Association, Zion Natural History Association and Bryce Canyon Association just to name a few.

She served on the Board of the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation, The Restoration of the Florida Everglades for 8 years.

She travels extensively throughout the world photographing and writing.